Research and Clinical Trials


Kansas Pain Management takes pride in developing the pain treatments for Future.

We provide evidence based Highly Advance Care and Engage in research that has the potential to produce dramatic improvements in patient outcomes for the Future generation.

Current Studies and Clinical Trials

Chronic Abdominal Pain :

Chronic Abdominal Pain: We are currently enrolling the patients who suffer from chronic Abdominal pain who have failed treatment with multiple medications. We are the part of multicenter clinical trial to see if these patients could benefit from high frequency spinal cord stimulation device. For details of this device please visit

Neuropathic pain after Knee replacement surgery and Chronic groin pain after inguinal hernia surgery :

Subset of patients who have persistent pain after surgery might benefit from High Frequency Spinal cord Stimulation device. For details of this device visit Kansas pain Management is the part of multicenter clinical trial. Encouraged by the results, the study has been presented at prestigious national and international conferences.

Spinal Stenosis Study :

Kansas Pain Management is accepting new participants for the Registry. If you are 55 or older and think you may have spinal stenosis – but are not yet ready for major spine surgery – this study may be right for you. The study is for the Vertiflex device a minimally-invasive alternative to traditional spine surgery that does not require general anesthesia and allows most patents to return home the same day. For details visit

Sacroiliatis :

Patient who have history of Chronic Low Back and Buttock Pain with diagnosis of Sacroiliatis may benefit from Endoscopic Sacroiliac Joint Radiofrequency Ablation. Kansas Pain Management is a part of multicenter clinical trial. For details of device visit

Past Studies and Clinical Trials

Lumbar Radiculopathy and Failed Back Surgery Syndrome :

Patients who have persistent back and leg pain after back surgery might benefit from Spinal Cord Stimulator device. Kansas Pain Management was a part of multicenter study. We have successfully completed enrollment for the study in 2017. For details of the device visit

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